There is growing concern over the quality of the air we breathe, and for most of us that means a long period of time breathing air supplied to us through the air ducts of our air conditioning systems.

If you inspect any air conditioning system after three or four years you will invariably find debris somewhere in the system. It may just be a light dust build-up in the air ducts but it is there, and the air that you breathe passes through or over it. Add to this the worst situation of vermin decaying in the ductwork and then the added incidence of damp, and you will have the perfect scenario for the onset of bacteria. Yeasts and fungi will grow and multiply in the air you breathe in.

All the above situations can arise over years by natural neglect i.e. filters wrongly specified, missing or damaged vermin screens from intakes, badly maintained fan units causing vibration and noise and simply degradation of insulation material that allow unwanted debris and fibres to migrate into the system. Cartel can help you manage these risks to health and safety.

Our qualified engineers can survey and inspect your air conditioning system and quote on an air duct cleaning programme:

 AC Deep Cleaning Includes:

  • Removal of sand, dust, dirt & insects.
  • Cleaning of filters, grills & AC drain lines flushing.
  • Pressure cleaning of the AC Coil followed by chemical cleaning. (chemical cleaning only available in UAE)
  • Disinfectant application for molds & bacteria removal.
  • Free inspections of the AC unit.

**Additional Charges will apply for Spare parts, consumables, gas charge & material.

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