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Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai | Exhaust Cleaning | Hood Cleaning

Kitchen ventilation systems can only be operated efficiently and hygienically through regular cleaning and ongoing maintenance. At Duct Hygiene we can assist you to ensure your kitchen ventilation system is maintained to the standards stipulated by the BESA and complies with current legislation and guidelines. Our services operate to accommodate your needs. We provide a 24-hour service, which allows us to carry out the clean at a time that suits you. Our friendly in-house call-centre will arrange for us to visit your premises and are there to support you throughout the process.

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Our maintenance team will arrive at your premises with Company Identification Cards and fully uniformed. A team member will walk through your system, evaluate any access issues and provide an accurate timescale for completing the work. Where access allows, we will conduct a thorough clean of your duct and extraction system and, should the need arise, we will use a chemical wash throughout. Prior to commencing the clean, we will take digital photographs of your system.

Photographs will also be taken when we complete the cleaning process.


Frequency Of Kitchen Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai

“The need for specialist cleaning of extract systems will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment, types and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignition and of the building and its occupant/users to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards.

Heavy Use:

• Heavy Use

12 to 16 hours per day EVERY 3 MONTHS

Moderate Use:

• Moderate Use

6 to 12 hours per day EVERY 4 MONTHS

Light Use:

• Light Use

2 to 6 hours per day EVERY 6 MONTHS

For more information and prices Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning Dubai, call us at 055-897 7547 or 04-3383 744.

Our Kitchen Duct Cleaning includes: Hood Cleaning, Exhaust Cleaning, Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning & AC Duct Cleaning