Smart Touch Team

Smart Cleaning Services DubaiSmart Touch Cleaning Services LLC is a professional service provider for Cleaning, Technical & Maintenance Services across Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Smart Touch Cleaning & Maintenance Services was established by its current working directors as a means to an end. The end was a professionally run, Dubai based residential & commercial cleaning and support services company that operates on an open book policy basis to its staff and clients alike, while always remaining fully aware of its responsibilities to the environment, the planet and the people on it.

The directors come with a highly successful track record in their individual fields, which included Directorships of a large and successful publicly quoted commercial cleaning and services company and many years of experience in the support services industries, at all levels and with a broad and varied range of clients from many different sectors.
They have capitalised on this experience and knowledge to build up a highly professional and sustainable management team within the company that carries the original philosophies forward, yet continually evolves as is required for modern business practices.

Using these skills and experience together, to form a highly successful operating company, whilst remembering the intention is not merely to emulate previous success in the industry, but to take on board and build on the professional aspects while leaving behind the old philosophies of what a good service should be. All to create a company with a service focused attitude, and the flexibility to accommodate each individual client’s needs.

These aims for quality and professionalism are achieved as we insist on rigid selection and training of only the best applicants for every position. All to ensure that the services we provide are of the highest order, and are delivered in a safe and secure manner, to both staff and clients alike. All through careful site monitoring from a skilled and diligent management and supervisory team. We always remember, your staff come to work, well, to work, and they need an environment that’s clean and supportive, and you need to know that this will happen every single day of the year.

We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, quality services and have a tried and tested framework that ensures this. Our teams are regularly supervised and feedback is given to both staff and clients to ensure we stay on track.
Our team is vetted, trained and monitored to ensure you’re always in safe hands and we recruit through recommendation from trusted existing employees. It’s worked for us for years, in fact Regional was built on it, as we know our frontline staff really are our most important company asset. We look after our staff and in return they look after you, it’s a win-win. We’ve been doing this for many years now, so we know what’s important. We work with offices small and large, retail, leisure and all commercial premises through to multi-floor blocks across a range of industries. All clients get the same high level of service, as our reputation depends on it.
You’ll get this first-class service too, not just on day one, but for many years to come. This is why the very first client we won is still working with us today, many years later.

If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on +971 4 3383744 or email us at