PROFESSIONAL TEAM: Natural Stone Floor Cleaning & Sealing Services in Dubai, Sandstone, Interlock, Pool tiles, paving area.

Specialist Stone Care are experts in the restoration, repair, polishing and maintenance of all natural and man-made stone. The team can survey the flooring throughout your portfolio and provide detailed recommendations for initial restoration, as well as advising on and, if required, implementing periodic maintenance cleaning programmes.

We employ experienced operatives who have industry recognised accreditations. As unsuitable stone cleaning methods can cause irreparable damage, it’s essential that stone cleaning specialist operatives are used to ensure that your property investment is in safe hands.

Specialist Stone Care also offers an all-in-one invisible surface protection range called It shields floors, walls and other surfaces against long-term damage, ensuring easy ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Stone cleaning and resealing

The use of natural stone in the commercial environment continues to grow year on year and periodic maintenance is critical to its appearance and longevity.

Combined with high traffic and lack of proper maintenance, grease and dirt are detrimental factors which can significantly contribute to the deterioration of stone surfaces.

Most of natural stone floors are porous and require sealing to protect them from staining, making the daily cleaning easier and more effective. Stains can cause disfiguration, grout can decay and a build-up of ingrained dust and grime will cause the stone to lose its natural sheen.

Once restored, the correct programme for daily stone cleaning is essential not only to maintain the stone’s natural appearance but also to prevent permanent staining.