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The answer is clean and tidy as our services, we believe in customer satisfaction. Once you hire us, you will get fully customized and flexible one off services from our side. The other thing, we never compromise in the equipment’s or accessories that we use to clean your property. We use high quality detergent and other resources to give your house a new look. We are available 24/7. You can call us to anytime to book the same day cleaning service.

We strongly maintain our cleaning standards. We train our cleaning staff twice in a month to provide you excellent services. Our services are popular as the most professional cleaning services in Sydney. We also provide our staff all the required equipment’s and eco-friendly, child-safe detergents to make your home tidy, clean and hygienic. You just sit back, relax and let us make you happy with our work.


Dirt and mildew are most visible and least tolerable in bathrooms. Toilets, showers, tiles and baths should be cleaned and polished as well as possible.

  • Clean basins, taps and fittings
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  • Remove hard water stains
  • Remove limescale if present
  • Scrub and rinse soap dispensers
  • Wipe and polish radiators and towel rails
  • Scrub and rinse toilet and bidet
  • Clean plumbing behind toilet if reachable
  • Wipe marks and stains from shower screens
  • Scrub and rinse bath marks and signs of mildew
  • Make sure to clean drains
  • Wipe and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Descale, rinse and wipe showerheads, taps and metal surfaces
  • Scrub and rinse accumulated dirt from the toothbrush area
  • Clean extractor fans
  • Wipe reachable bathroom tiles

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen is a quarter of the job. Your kitchen is most likely to be the most used room, not to mention the most heavily exposed to various germs and dirt.

  • Wash and polish all worktops, countertops and the sink area
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  • Clean inside cupboards, drawers and shelving
  • Throw leftover food and carrier bags away
  • Wash and polish sinks and shine taps
  • Remove accumulated limescale
  • De-grease and polish wall tiles
  • Remove mould growth between grout
  • Clean and de-grease ovens internally and externally
  • Clean grime from extractors and hobs
  • Scrub gas rings and gas control knobs
  • Clean microwaves inside and out
  • Clean out the fridge/freezer
  • Clean the washing machine inside and out
  • Clean the dishwasher inside and out
  • Clean exterior of all appliances
  • Sanitize the bins and remove rubbish
  • Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
  • Stack and arrange cutlery, utensils and other dining accessories
  • Clean inside of windows and wipe down sills, ledges and frames
  • Wipe dirt from woodwork (doors, handles, doorframes, furnishings and skirting boards)
  • Wipe down radiators if applicable and accessible
  • Remove dust from plugs and light switches
  • Vacuum, mop and polish floors

Living Room Cleaning:

  • Remove cobwebs
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  • Clean and polish mirrors and picture frames
  • Clean and polish windows internally, sills, ledges
  • Wipe down doors and clean on top of doors
  • Clean skirting boards and wood works of dust
  • Clean light switches & fittings, lamp shades, plugs, sockets,
  • Clean inside, behind and on top of cupboards and furnishings
  • Clean behind and under furniture
  • Dust and polish all surfaces
  • Upholstery vacuumed, cushions moved and cleaned underneath
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors

Floor & Wall Cleaning

  • Tiles grout cleaning by machine
  • Floor scrubbing by machine
  • Floor mop & disinfection
  • Outdoor tiles pressure washing service

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