Many of our customers at Smart Cleaning Services call us with problems relating to dirty tiles and more specifically dirty grout. Many find grout cleaning difficult, this is because it is porous, and difficult to seal. There are many spray on grout sealers available in the market that claim to seal grout, but in reality, they either don’t last, or don’t work. Smart Cleaning Services has a grout cleaning and grout sealing service which really works, and will last the test of time.

Our customers try strong cleaning solutions, steam, bleach, and more before calling us in disappear, eager to seek a permanent solution to their dirty discoloured grout.

Top tip

‘We actually don’t recommend using steam to clean grout. Why? because this heats up the greasy soils stuck to the grout, and whilst some of them are blasted off or absorbed onto towelling, many of the soils are thinned out, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the porous grout with ease.’

How does Smart Cleaning Services restore and seal grout?

After deep cleaning the grout lines with a specialist cleaning solution the grout, although clean, in many cases still remains discoloured. Smart Cleaning Services uses a specialist dye based colour seal known as grout perfect. This clever technology reacts with the calcium content which naturally occurs in grout causing a bond which sets rock hard.

Available in a range of colours, and suitable for use on floors and walls, this grout sealing technology can be used to uplift and restore old floors, but can also be applied to new installations. By choosing the right colour, matching closely to the colour of the tile also helps make floor tile and grout look seamless. A seamless floor makes rooms look much bigger as you use the boxing effect of tiles caused by dirty grout.

The advantages of colour sealing include:

  • Perfect coloured uniform grout lines
  • Easy to clean
  • No more difficult to remove staining
  • Long term solution to discoloured grout
  • Restores tiles and grout to as new condition

Here’s an example of grout cleaning and grout sealing of a floor Smart Cleaning services restored in Dubai:


Our customer has three dogs two children, a busy house hold, and like to entertain guests on a regular basis. despite daily moping, she was unable to keep the grout clean.

Tile and grout floor before cleaning in Dubai


A thorough deep clean of the tiles and grout is required. A mild grout cleaning solution is applied to the floor and allowed to dwell for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, the grout lines are scrubbed using specialist grout brushes, and the tiles are scrubbed using a mechanical agitation machine. Finally, the floor is rinsed using our specialist clean and capture tile and grout cleaning system. This grout cleaning system blasts soils away from the floor leaving behind a dry, sterile clean surface.

Grout deep cleaning services

Clean and capture system of tile and grout


After cleaning, a dye based sealer imported as Grout Perfect is applied to the grout. This durable hard wearing sealer provides long term protection to grout lines and provides an outstanding finish. Our customer in Hampshire was delighted with the finish to her kitchen floor.

Floor and grout sealer protection

Using a Grout Perfect colour sealing technology, the colour applied in this photo is Ok, which matches the colour of tiles making the room feel bigger, brighter, and open. Grout cleaning and Grout Sealing is the perfect solution to the age old problem of dirty and discoloured grout.

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